Sunday, 16 September 2007

Jordan 2007 - daily updates

GWAG, the Great War Archaeology Group, in their guise of the Great Arab Revolt Project (GARP), will be excavating, recording and surveying for their second season in October/November '07 in southern Jordan.

A daily BLOG will commence with a pre-amble on or about 27th October 2007.

Click here for the full BLOG, which will also be syndicated to the CWA website.


Bill said...

Roger, I'll meet you on Monday. Just wanted to say you're 2 hours fast on local Jordan time. Going off Daylight Savings Time doesn't quite explain that...


Roger Ward said...

Thanks Bill. Not sure how that happened as I've just installed the widget that supposedly deals with the correct time anywhere.

I'll look into it.

See you Monday!

Roger Ward said...

Fixed. Thanks for the heads up. :-)